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Cricket isn’t just a summer sport in Australia, it’s a way of life. It’s a passion that unites people across generations and backgrounds. From the local matches played on the neighborhood oval to the grand stadiums hosting international fixtures, cricket runs deep in the veins of the nation. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of test cricket yet, you absolutely should!


However, while cricket brings joy and excitement, it also brings challenges as it is played outdoors. In this blog post, we review the advantages and options for your club providing shade during a cricket match. 


While we are focusing on cricket, the same applies for all our summer events. Providing durable marquees and shelters for surf life saving clubs, netball and athletic clubs and for school events, all have similar advantages.

Challenges of outdoor cricket events

While cricket is a beloved tradition, it also comes with challenges, especially as the game is played outdoors. The intense Australian sun, with its harsh UV rays, can be a daunting opponent for both players and spectators. Sunburn, dehydration, and discomfort are common concerns during cricket events. Besides the strong sun, let’s not forget the challenge of the unpredictable Australian weather, where showers can surprise you when you least expect it.

This is where shade solutions, like marquees, come into play. Easyshade’s range of marquees offers clubs a practical and effective way to battle the challenges of outdoor cricket events, providing essential sun protection, shield from the rain, and comfort.

Benefits of marquees for cricket events


  • Shade and sun protection


As mentioned above, the sun in Australia during the summer can be very strong and unforgiving.. Some days it’s enough after 30 minutes in the sun to get burned since the UV rays are so harsh. The statistics say that 2/3 of Australians get skin cancer because of the sun. A shady area during a cricket game will reduce these concerns.


  • Rain protection


All of Easyshade’s marquees are made of heavy-duty materials such as PVC, polyester, and canvas, which are all waterproof materials. So when the rain is coming, you can ensure keep spectators and players dry until the shower passes.  


  • Shade for the teams and spectators


By providing shade during the cricket match, you can prevent a lot of concerns for both the team and your supporters. In local games there is not always rees or cover available, so it is upto the club to organise shade.


Providing a marquee for your players offers them a place to recharge, sit down in the shade between overs and deliver their best performance when it’s game-time, all while being protected from getting sunburned. Officials and scorers can also benefit from the marquee, as it provides essential shade during scorching conditions and enhances their visibility, preventing glare from the sun.


In larger stadiums spectators can get relief from the sun from the stands. However, in smaller ovals, your club will need to provide the cover. Obviously this will decrease their risk of getting overheated and sunburned, enhancing their comfort and enjoyment of the overall experience. No longer will fans have to endure the harsh sun or find makeshift shelters.


  • Food and drinks


Since cricket games can span several hours (or days), providing food options for attendees can enhance their overall experience. Having a marquee for food and drinks not only ensures the safety of the food from birds but also shields it from the sun. It prevents you from overheating while preparing food, which otherwise can be quite hot and dangerous for so many hours.


You can also provide your team and spectators with shade from the sun while eating their food. Offering everyone a comfortable environment and place to sit while eating, will certainly enhance their overall experience.

Marquees for cricket training

During cricket training sessions, having a marquee is a valuable addition. It allows the coach to observe and run the training comfortably in the shade, preventing overheating under the Australian sun. Additionally, it provides a designated space for breaks, allowing players to pause, rehydrate, and discuss the training afterward in the shadows.

Easyshade’s marquee for cricket: your ideal solution

We at Easyshade offer either plain marquees or custom-printed marquees. With our printed marquees you get the opportunity to choose between 15 colors and put your club’s logo on it. You also have the ability to print an image on your marquee. Whether you choose a plain marquee or a custom printed, we offer three different sizes and three different frame weights. You can also choose to add walls for your marquee, this can be valuable when it’s raining or gets windy.


Our marquees are made of high-quality materials and offer therefore a 5-year warranty. All marquees are easy to set up and we ensure you a delivery 7-10 days after your order.

Tips for choosing the right marquee

Easyshade boasts a wealth of experience in catering to diverse marquee requirements, allowing us to provide valuable insights into your request for the perfect marquee. Whether your event is substantial or intimate, set in a distinct location, or involves unique considerations, we are here to assist you in your research and pinpointing the most suitable marquee. Should you encounter design challenges or uncertainties, our skilled graphic designers can offer their expertise to craft a visually appealing marquee that aligns with your vision.


In the world of Australian cricket, where tradition meets passion, Easyshade’s marquees are the game-changers you’ve been waiting for. A marquee offers protection from the sun’s harsh rays, shields you from unexpected rain, and elevates the comfort of players and fans. Easyshade ensures you can enjoy cricket to the fullest, no matter whether you’re a player, umpire, or a devoted fan. 


Say goodbye to harsh conditions and makeshift shelters, and embrace the ultimate cricket experience with Easyshade. Our marquees also provide a comfortable space for food and drinks, and a cool retreat during training sessions. So, for the perfect shade solution for cricket events, Easyshade has you covered, making your cricket experience even better.


While the focus of this blog article has been on cricket, the same applies for all our summer events. Providing durable marquees and shelters for surf life saving clubs, netball and athletic clubs and for school events, all have similar advantages


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