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What are my payment options?2023-03-27T03:54:38+00:00
  • Electric transfer into Easyshade Marquees bank account
  • Visa/Master Card
  • Cash on pickup
Can I use an Easyshade roof with non Easyshade aluminium frames?2023-03-27T03:53:28+00:00
  • Easyshade roofs are custom made to fit Easyshade frames.
  • Our roofs will NOT fit other branded frames.
How do we keep the gazebo tent roof and walls clean?2023-03-27T03:52:25+00:00
  • We suggest that you use a sponge and cold water with a small amount of liquid soap. Often plain water or rain will remove surface dirt but if you need a little soap water please rub gently.
  • Always do a soap test on a corner of your Gazebo Canopy and/or walls to see that there is no damage caused. Do NOT use solvents or put roof or walls into a washing machine.
  • Instant Shade Canopies and Marquees will give you many years of good use if looked after correctly. Remember that Canopies and walls can be replaced individualy at any time.
What do I do if my canopy and walls are wet after rain?2023-03-27T03:49:55+00:00
  • If you pack away your marquee whilst wet ensure that you open it when you get back to your storage area or as soon as possible in a dry environment and allow to air dry. Same applies to walls.
  • If you pack away whilst wet you will get mould forming on the fabric.
  • Always ensure that your Shade Canopy and Walls are dry before storing.
  • Do NOT use electric hand dryer or heater!
Do I need to use weight bags or weights with my gazebo?2023-03-27T03:48:45+00:00
  • Yes, you should use weight bags. The outdoor Marquee is designed to give you easy sun and rain protection but you need to be aware that weather conditions can change quickly.
  • Even on a wind free day without warning the weather can change and a sudden gust of wind can blow your Folding Shade Tent away.
  • You should always use weight bags or heavy duty metal weights with ropes and pegs with your outdoor marquee. Keep your Marquee weighted at all times as they are portable and not fixed shelters.
Can I see an outdoor marquee before buying?2023-03-27T03:46:39+00:00

You are welcome to visit our Rosebery Warehouse to inspect our range of marquees.

What fabric is used for printed marquee roof and walls?2023-03-27T03:45:56+00:00

We use 600 denier polyester fabric which is waterproof and UV protected.

Our dye sublimation printing process ensures superb colour reproduction using this fabric.

Can I print onto an existing marquee roof and/or wall?2023-03-27T03:43:12+00:00

We cannot print onto an existing roof and/or wall which is already made.

Custom printed roofs/walls are firstly printed onto a base fabric and only then cut and sewn to fit an Easyshade marquee frame.

What artwork files are required for printing?2023-03-27T03:45:20+00:00

We cannot use word documents, low resolution image files (.jpg | .png | .gif) because when we enlarge images for printing these files will blur.

We require vector outlined artwork files which will be saved as (.ai | .pdf | .eps). Please talk to us if you require assistance.

How long do you take to deliver?2024-04-09T05:57:43+00:00

Immediate delivery on plain coloured marquees.

Printed marquees – approximately 7-10 working days after artwork sign off and 50% deposit payment is made.

Can I pick up my order?2024-04-09T06:03:48+00:00

Yes, you sure can. Our full contact details and a map can be found on our  contact page.

Goods can be collected 7 days a week, please talk to us to arrange a collection time.

How long is the warranty?2023-03-27T01:09:14+00:00

Easyshade marquees come with 36 months warranty.

Are spare parts available?2023-03-27T01:18:36+00:00

Spare parts are always available for our aluminium frames.

We can send spare parts to any location in Australia.

Does your Carry Bag have wheels?2023-03-27T01:20:29+00:00

Yes, on our aluminium frame range our Carry Bags do have wheels so it is easy to transport your Portable Gazebo Tent.

Where can I print on the marquee roof?2023-03-27T01:23:20+00:00

The marquee roof consists of the four (4) roof panels on the top section and four (4) skirts/valances on the edges.

You can print on a single panel/skirt or any combination of panels/skirts. Please call us on 1300 65 66 94 to discuss.


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