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With most marketers nowadays vying for digital space, it seems many have forgotten the simplicity of using more traditional avenues such as promotional items at events. 

Whether it’s caps, t-shirts or promotional marquees and gazebos, few can deny the fact that these products do not rely on a fast-changing and evolving digital world.

Printed once, they can stand the test of time and are perfect for getting your brand name noticed.

Marquee Size Guide

Choosing the right gazebo size or marquee type for your event can sometimes be a little tricky, especially if you are not aware of the various options available.

Our step by step marquee size guide below can help you make that choice easier.

What size Marquee do I need?

Start off by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does the gazebo size need to accommodate product only or customer and product? Think about the product that you are selling. Does it require interaction (example clothes stall that requires touch and feel element from the customer) or is it a ‘point and pick’  product (such as a food stall)
  • How many people are you expecting at your stall at any given time? The more people, the bigger the size of gazebo

At Easyshade Marquees we offer three marquee sizes:  3m x 3m / 4.5 x 3m / 6m x 3m

Does the Marquee need to be waterproof?

The answer is plain and simple yes! Even if your marquee size is not large enough to accommodate your customers, you certainly want to ensure that your products are kept dry and safe.

At Easyshade Marquees, all our gazebos consist of a waterproof fabric canopy with UV coating ensuring that the weather does not ruin your precious items.

Aluminium vs Steel Framed Marquee?

Marquees can become cumbersome to handle, especially the larger they are. By having an aluminium frame, will make it lighter and easier to handle, not to mention they resist rust better than steel requiring less maintenance. The aesthetic look of aluminium frames is also another reason it is a popular choice for marquees.

At Easyshade Marquees, all our frames are aluminium with hexagon-shaped leg poles (6 sided poles) for added stability and strength. All carry structural engineer certification to ensure their safety.

What Frame Weight Should I Choose?

Frame weight is an important choice when choosing the marquee best suited to your needs. Think about who will manage the gazebo, its erection and disassembling and of course its transportation. Choose a marquee with a frame weight that is manageable.

Our attached marquee size guide offers a choice of Lite Frame Weight, Regular Frame Weight and Heavy Frame Weight options for each size marquee we sell including weight, dimensions and their most suitable applications.

All come complete with a polyester carry bag on wheels which makes for easy handling.

What Printing Options Do I Have?

Depending on the intended use of your gazebo, you may or may not need promotional printing. As not all our marquees are intended for promotional use, we offer a wide range of plain coloured marquees that are available immediately.

For those requiring branded marquees or gazebos, Easyshade Marquees offer full-colour dye-sublimation printing on the areas you need branding. These can be customised to the highest specifications due to our high-quality digital printing process ensuring an expert finish. Our printing process requires seven days from signoff of artwork

Check Your Warranty

It’s not about settling for the cheapest option. It’s about settling for the company that supplies the best product at the most competitive price. Always compare prices and quality before making your final decision. 

At Easyshade, so sure are we of our marquees and gazebos, that we offer a 36-month warranty on all purchases. Spare parts are also readily available.