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Experience does count when selling marquees

Easyshade Marquees have been selling marquees for over 10 years.
We offer personal service and fast delivery on all of our products including teardrop banners and printed table cloths.

We have seen the discounters offering crazy prices come and go, we have seen extended warranties being offered, we have seen price slashing and what
is more important we have seen most of the fast start ups not last very long. It is easy to make a big  advertising bang at the start but what we pride ourselves
on is continuous personal service and delivering on time. If there is a problem we are here to assist for the long term.

Marquees look the same on the websites. However, many marquees advertised as heavy duty are actually quite light in weight. The roof fabric, the ink used and the cut
and fit of the roof and walls is important for your image and for getting good wear from your product.

Remember when purchasing a marquee to ask all the  relevant questions and ask how long they have been selling marquees for.
Easyshade Marquees are proud to be trading for over 10 years – we have to be doing something right.
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