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Event Marquees custom design

We offer event marquees available in a choice of frame sizes.  We have a range of plain colour marquees or we can custom print to your specifications.
Stand out event marquees with printing are a very cost effective way of marketing and promoting what you do. The marquee is reusable and portable.

Custom printing on event marquees

Full colour dye sublimation print will give you a very professional outcome with printing. We can custom print to your design and colours onto marquee roof, walls and half walls. Please visit our printed marquee gallery

Marquee Frame sizes and frame weight

Choose your event marquee carefully, compare frame size, frame weight and pole sizes. All marquees look the same on the web but there are many light weight frames that are sold as heavy duty marquees. You will only find this out once the marquee has been delivered. Ask for all marquee specifications which should be readily available. Compare frame sizes and weights

Easyshade established in 2007

With over 12 years of on time delivery we understand what a marquee should be, we have tested different fabric, inks and frames and we sell what we believe to be a premium product at a fair price. Cheap can end up costing you more in the long run if you do not get long lasting use of your marquee.
We offer on time delivery, full back and premium frames and roofs using the finest quality fabrics.

Please talk to us on 1300 65 66 94 or email enquiry.