Avada Car Dealer News

The Chinese Government are doing there best to try to contain the spread of the Corona Virus.The public have been kept at home with limited contact with others and hopefully the incubation period will allow the authorities to better understand how the virus spreads and how long it takes.

China Marquee manufacturing and printing has stopped. It appears that only limited number of  essential service factories are allowed to return to work. The Government are monitoring the situation and each province in China will follow instruction on when they will be allowed to return to work. We will keep our customers up dated.

We hope that this serious situation is resolved quickly and that the virus is controlled to allow everyday people to get back to a normal routine without fear of infection and death from this virus. We will fully support our marquee factories and print factories as soon as they can resume production.

Please talk to us on 130065 66 94 if you have urgent events as we can still assist