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Compare Marquee Weight and Roof specifications before buying

I was amazed to find that one of our competitors is advertising  a “Heavy duty” marquee size 3m x 3m, when the actual frame only weighs around 14kg! They add the weight of the carry bag ,roof and frame and say that the  frame weight is approximately 20kg. This is inaccurate information and I strongly suggest that you shop around and compare before making your final decision  but please make sure that you compare like for like.

View plain marquees, select  marquee size and see  frame details. Detailed  information on each frame size available  when you go to technical information.

Aluminium or steel frame

Once again there is a big difference between these two materials. Check if an advertised frame is powder coated steel or aluminium? Aluminium will not rust and has no added coating that can possibly peel. Compare the frame weights of steel and aluminium to see which frame weight is easiest for you to manage.

Leg frame design

In the past most marquees were made with a square frame tubing. Things have evolved and the hexagons shape tubing ( 6 sided)offers extra stability and added strength. Check out the structure of the gazebo leg poles.

Does the  roof fit the frame properly?

Have a look through images from a  gallery and see if you are happy with the way the roof fits the frame. Many roofs just do not fit tightly enough or  the finish looks unprofessional. Ask questions and ask for images to be shown to you so that you do not get a surprise when your delivery arrives.
Click to our gallery to see images of printed marquees

Fair Prices

If something is too cheap there is a good reason. There has to be compromise to reduce prices so you need to enquire. Many start up companies believe that if they sell at crazy low prices they will upset the market and increase sales. The truth of the matter is that many of these companies do not last very long and when you go back for spare parts or issues with printing they have often gone.

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