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Branded sports marquees

We often get asked by sports clubs how we can assist them in making them stand out at their events.

The answer is simple, use can custom brand using vibrant colours, bold design, incorporate club logos and informative text. We can print multi colour roofs which certainly will be noticed and they cost no more than printing plain colour roofs. The cost of branding marquees is surprisingly low when compared to other marketing mediums. Use your  Easyshade as a shade marquee as well as  a branding tool.

Branded roofs

We use woven polyester fabric for our branded roofs. Our woven fabric is very good for dye sublimation printing as the this heat print process allows the colours to imprint into the fabric. Or roof fabric is waterproof and UV protected so you will get protection from the rain and the sun. Polyester fabric is user friendly when packing the frame as it closes down compactly on the frame  and can then fit into the carry bag.

Branded marquee special deals

Easyshade are always looking to pass on great value deals. Please visit our specials page to see superb package deals on all size marquees

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